Why PSP?

With more than 25 years working within the UK recruitment industry, Park Street People’s key focus has never changed: provide first-class, professional recruitment solutions to the clients and candidates that we work with on a daily basis.

In an ever-evolving job-market where many skills are currently in short supply, we appreciate that companies are looking for much more than just a basic service offering from a recruitment partner. We now focus on providing a multi-discipline service and a partnership-led approach with our clients, candidates and contractors. We strive to deliver an exceptional customer experience at every touch point; from the first email or phone call, through to the successful applicant starting their new job.

Key benefits of choosing Park Street People to support your recruitment:

Continuous evaluation of service

We focus on numerous KPI’s at all stages of the recruitment lifecycle to ensure our service adds real value to your business and delivers the desired results. Our team respect the fact that 'time is money', so we aim to speed up the time-to-hire process with specific KPI’s in place to measure each step of any campaign.

Quality not quantity approach

Our search process works under the ethos of quality rather than quantity. We do not believe in bombarding you with CV’s that are not a close match to your requirements. However, if you are seeking very niche or specialist skills, we may advise alternative options to ensure you do achieve a successful hire. Our processes have been honed to highlight the most suitable individuals available; this is key to saving both your time and money.


Park Street People believe that giving a realistic rather than overly-ambitious expectation is the key to building trust with you. Many of our long-term clients look to work only with us when they need to recruit as they know we will give them honest and up-to-date information throughout the entire recruitment lifecycle. This approach allows you to identify the right individual for your business first time, every time.


We believe flexibility is a core component to becoming an extension of your internal hiring function. By providing a bespoke solution, we can engage with you in the way you want to work. We focus on delivering to your expectations, not dictating to you how we want to manage a specific process. We can of course provide a completely outsourced recruitment function if your business is a start-up or looking to increase headcount quickly to support growth plans.

Dedicated Account Management

We offer each company a dedicated Account Manager for your recruitment campaigns, this allows consistent results to be achieved and clear communication channels to be developed and maintained at all times. Our Consultants are backed up by a team of Resourcers who are always fully informed of your campaign needs and expectations. This two-tier approach ensures your recruitment campaigns are continually being supported throughout the entire hiring and on-boarding process.

Park Street People has evolved considerably since we started recruiting and are consistently identifying ways in which we can enhance our service provision. Whilst we still continue to provide a generalist recruitment solution, our diverse team of consultants are now encouraged to specialise into verticals of expertise to provide a wealth of knowledge to the clients we support.

Staff Retention

Historically one of the greatest client frustrations when working with an external recruitment supplier is the recruiter’s own staff retention. Park Street People pride ourselves on the length of service that many of our staff have had with us and in-turn the depth of relationship this allows us to develop with both our clients and network of candidates. When you have a hiring challenge, you’ll know that you will be working with someone who already knows your business (and industry) inside-out.